Sourcing Materials

One of our most frequent questions is, “Where do you get your wood from?"  There are so many places and options that there is no one answer.  Most of our material comes from old barns, corrals, or turn of the century industrial buildings.  To get creative and have a diverse selection we often are open to alternative sources.   Thus our inventory and selection is always changing.  What we have learned over time is what we thought we knew as an absolute, was no longer the case.  Customers' tastes and preferences sometimes catch us by surprise.  Just when we think that we know all the different options for uses and sources for material, we will get a different request.  Therefore we attempt to keep a broad selection available.  This picture is of a semi-truck load of reclaimed mixed tropical hardwoods.  We bought this load from an insurance company, so that just goes to show that one never knows for sure what the next curveball will be.  The species and color variety is random and beautiful.  In a past life these boards were some kind of shipping or dunnage material.  The reclaimed character aspect is minimal, so after milling they will not look too much like reclaimed material.  At three times heavier than normal lumber, the density of this wood is unbelievable.  We look forward to experimenting with this wood to create a different aspect to our product line.  Right now we are work on a contemporary dining table that includes a mix of polished steel and blend of the tropical hardwoods.

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