Engineered Wood Flooring - Fully Machined Mixed Oak

 Waterlox TrueTone Color on reclaimed engineered oak

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Engineered mixed reclaimed oak flooring in random width (wide plank) combination.

Priced by the square foot of material shipped.

Call before ordering to check current inventory on this item. It may have an extended lead time.

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1 - 20$49.85
21 - 49$48.00
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76 - 150$30.00
151 - 300$23.10
301 - 450$19.00
451 - 600$17.50
601 - 750$17.13
751 - 900$16.88
901 - 1000$16.43
1001 - 1300$16.30
1301 - 1749$16.20
1750 - 2000$16.03
2001 - 2500$15.88
2501 - 3000$15.78
3001 - Unlimited$15.68

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  • Proudly made in the USA. We craft this material out of reclaimed mixed white and red oak.
  • The beauty of a reclaimed wood floor without the problems of gaps, high waste, uneven boards, high installation costs, or movement.
  • This floor has the best characteristics and quality features of both a solid hardwood and engineered flooring.
  • This floor does not have the traditional disadvantages of laminate floors such as cheap backing material, thin wear layer, nonrepairable prefinish, micro bevel edge, thin tongues, cheap appearance, but rather it is meant to last many lifetimes.
  • Our engineered reclaimed wide plank floor is extremely stable- no cupping, twisting, or shrinking.
  • Can be installed directly over cured concrete (use an all in one vapor barrier and mastic adhesive), below grade, and over radiant heat. Can be glued down or glued and nailed down.
  • Authentic reclaimed oak wear layer. Not your normal oak floor but full of antique beauty.
  • Extra thick wear layer and 9 layer FSC certified baltic birch plywood backer.
  • This blend is fully sanded top which is slightly less character or rustic appearance than our skip sanded products.
  • Edges profiled with flooring tongue and groove.
  • Presanded to eliminate heavy sanding after install and to give accurate height calibration for consistent, smooth, flat floor. Holes are filled prior to final sanding for even less work for you on the install.
  • Readily accepts stain and finish so you can customize to your preferences. So many different looks can be achieved with stain on this floor or try fuming it to give a totally different appearance.


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* All paneling product is sold in 25 square foot increments. The total square feet added to the cart will be rounded up to the nearest 25.