Reclaimed Solid Wood Shelving & Mantels

Reclaimed wood beam, solid wood/ not engineered, 100% recycled content. Mixed previous uses with most as barn beams. Mixed species and sources. Mixed colors from grey to dull tan to faded brown. All original patina with no faux distress, stain, or dye. No finish or stain applied. The beam comes raw as natural wood. No machining, sanding, milling or fabricating done to the beam. This piece sold as is with no additional work done at this price.

Hidden nails, metal, and hardware may be present. Beams are kiln dried to 6-12% moisture content and sterilized in the heat cycle to 160 degrees. Measurements shown are approximate. All widths and thicknesses could easily vary by an inch. Lengths could be up to 6" shorter for parts of the beam and some sections may be 12" longer than dimension shown. This is rough sawn old material which will have variation, warp, twist and other character aspects that makes it not perfectly square or straight. There may be loose knots, checks, splits, mortise pockets, notches, holes, and heart in the beam. Not every beam has all this character variation. There is no grading done to this beam; it is sold as a decorative timber (non-structural) for shelves and mantels.

There may be pockets or sides that have soft and rotten spots.  Since this is meant for nonstructural applications these spots can often be worked with a wire brush, angle grinder, and sander.  There is an expectation that the customer will probably do some combination of cleaning, sanding and finishing on these beams during the installation.

Attached images below are of the actual beam offered for sale. We also sell corbels that go great under the mantels or shelves.