Reclaimed Solid Wood Shelving & Mantels

Reclaimed solid wood shelving and mantels are wood beams, solid wood/ not engineered, 100% recycled content. Mixed previous uses with most as barn beams. Mixed species and sources. Mixed colors from grey to dull tan to faded brown; also they contain a variety of character, age and textures. Sold as is with no further milling, sanding, machining, cutting, finishing or processing except all timbers on this page have been kiln dried with sterilization cycle to 160 degrees. Pictures on this page of each beam are of actual individual wood beam that you are purchasing. All items subject to terms found on customer service page.

Please note a hint when use the filter and sort search tool to get the best results always search one size larger and smaller than what you need exactly because of rounding and to see more options. The more flexibility you have with your size the more likely you are to find the piece that you want.

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