Let us custom design a door specific to your preferences. You choose 

solid reclaimed white oak hotel doors with glass

 the  panel configuration; decide on panel materials such as glass, copper, rusty steel, wire, or wood; pick the color, texture, character, and species of wood you desire; and find unlimited combinations or designs and cutting profiles. Our specialty is making reclaimed lumber work and behave in a perfectly flat, square, and true door yet maintain the character on the surface that you desire. Do you want an exterior or interior door like nobody has? Then talk to us.

Besides each door that we build looking beautiful, our construction techniques will ensure that you are getting a quality, solid built wood door. 

  • Strong stile and rail construction means the doors are stiff, maintaines dimension to avoid swelling, and won’t warp over time.
  • Zero VOC and formaldehyde free glues, Type II water resistant glues.
  • ½” x 5” wood dowels in all joints adds another level of comfort locking door parts together.
  • Thicker frame thickness, wider stiles, and thicker panels than standard doors.  Wider and deeper mortise and tenon construction joinery than normal.  This adds up to a custom, well-built, door that will set itself apart in performance and appearance.
  • All of our exterior doors have extra steps taken to ensure air sealing and panel stability. The panels have expansion foam in the groove to further ensure air seal, all are built with multiple laminations.
  • All of our exterior door panels are built with a foam core. This core is sandwiched between two layers of ¼” reclaimed wood veneers. The benefits of this panel are more stability and less movement. The thermal break it creates works amazingly well. Even thick wood doors without the foam panels are like having a hole in your wall when it comes to insulation value. These foam panels perform extremely well to keep the inside conditioned space of your home comfortable and save energy.
  • We build our own door cores for the frame from solid lumber- no LVL, particle board, composites, or other shortcuts. This stave core construction ensures a stable, flat door, yet the entire door that shows is made from solid recycled wood. Don't confuse this method with cheaper doors that are "engineered", often they have composite or LVL cores. Our cores are made with the same material that you see on the outside of the door. We could make the door out of one solid board faster and cheaper, but by building this stable core surfaced with extra thick veneers we can make a more stable, flat, and square door for you. Plus it allows us to utilize the reclaimed boards which never are flat coming off the barns; it also ensures that throughout the manufacturing process we keep the original old texture if you want it.
  • With the entire door made from reclaimed lumber, it can be planed and trimmed yet maintain its original look. It also has no composite or compressed fiber cores that look bad and swell with moisture.
  • The veneer we use over the stave core allows you to choose the amount of character shown and species of wood. Our veneers average 5/16” thick to ensure a durable door. This laminating process helps us build a door with accurate tolerances for width, thickness, height, and flatness, yet still use reclaimed lumber throughout. Don't confuse the loosely used term "veneer" with the industry standard that is paper thin at less than 1/16". You can stain or add additional distress to your door and not worry about penetrating through the veneer.
  • Another advantage of reclaimed lumber, thick veneers, and reclaimed wood cores is that the door lasts and does not show wear & tear. Dents and chips can blend in and add to the character. Trimming the door will not expose a composite core; heavy sanding will not penetrate our thick veneers.
  • All doors are finish sanded to 150 grit, but final sanding should be done again by customer.
  • Unlimited combinations for dimensions, panel configurations, and profiles.
  • Satisfaction of knowing that your door was made entirely in America with local products. You can hold us accountable for your satisfaction because you are ordering direct from the craftsmen who build your product.