Accent Wall Paneling - Idaho Barn Wood Blend

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Idaho Barn Wood Blend. Reclaimed Wood Wall. Random width combinations of 3″, 5″, and 7″ planks. Individual solid wood boards in random lengths from 10 to 93" & 3/8" thick. Solid reclaimed lumber for decorative interior walls and ceilings.

Priced by the square foot of material shipped. Only sold in increments of 25 SF.

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25 - 49$10.98
50 - 74$9.18
75 - 99$8.51
100 - 124$8.11
125 - 199$7.98
200 - 299$7.94
300 - 399$7.88
400 - 499$7.68
500 - 599$7.58
600 - 699$7.48
700 - 799$7.38
800 - 899$7.28
900 - 1199$7.18
1200 - 1999$7.08
2000 - Unlimited$6.98

* Free Shipping within the Continental USA to commercial addresses (more information on the Customer Service page).

  • Carefully milled barn wood paneling & proudly made in the USA! We craft this material out of Idaho Barn Wood just like our skip sanded barn door. This is our most popular reclaimed wood wall & ceiling paneling product.  Each accent wall made from this real barn lumber turns out to be its own, unique work of art.
  • Reclaimed Lumber Products original source for reclaimed wood wall planks.  As the original manufacture of this type and size wood wall paneling, Reclaimed Lumber Products has many years of experience, history and solid reputation for manufacturing old lumber into high quality boards for you to install on feature walls.
  • In stock and ready for quick shipping!
  • Buy here to quickly put color and texture on your accent walls, ceilings, bars, or wainscot with this reclaimed wood paneling/ planking.
  • Most efficient products made that has the natural beauty and quality of reclaimed lumber but due to exacting milling tolerance it does not have the installation frustrations of barn lumber; this makes it the fastest way to buy and install wood for a feature wall.
  • This wood paneling product has the most accurate milling tolerances of all the paneling products sold in our online store.
  • Shipped as individual reclaimed wood planks so you can lay out boards in your own pattern.  Random lengths with some of the boards up to 93" long; some of the paneling pieces are longer lengths than typically included with competitor products.  Note most manufacturers now package in boxes only 4' long; we still package in boxes 8' long so you will get longer length material on average than the competition.
  • Normally this paneling ships within three days of ordering!  No need to lug boxes home from the lumber store; we ship directly to your address that you provide on checkout in our online store.
  • Recommended install over plywood backing and glued with PL brand construction adhesive.
  • Lightweight and simple to install on remodels. Intentionally made thin for ease of install around trim, electrical and fixtures.
  • All edges are straight and square to make for a fast and easy installation. No profile on edges allows for faster install and the better yield on the product.
  • No complex tools needed for installation. Basic carpentry tools required such as saw, hammer and finish nails or brad nail gun, tape measure, caulking gun with construction adhesive, painting tools, etc.
  • Authentic old reclaimed patina- all material is original with no faux distress, no paint or color added. This product has lots of variation in color, antique age, and texture. Each batch made has a unique combination of a variety of colors and texture. Color combinations transition from batch to batch and do not necessarily exactly match any picture in this listing. Every box of this paneling made is a new and different combination.
  • If you want to test the product before you buy, order a sample above. We ship you several square feet of the actual product in all three widths; you can experiment with finish. The sample attempts to show a range and variety in colors and textures. Every batch has variation within the batch and differences in the blend. Expect actual product to be made like the sample, but with natural products and especially the reclaimed wood there is differences between planks.


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* All paneling product is sold in 25 square foot increments. The total square feet added to the cart will be rounded up to the nearest 25.