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Furniture & Cabinets

As a complement to our doors or flooring, our skilled craftsmen can use our reclaimed lumber and timbers to build frontier furniture, trestle tables, cedar chests, farm tables, coffee table, barn wood cabinets—the list is endless. We have designers and customers that make our products work in applications from western decor to contemporary design to eco friendly decorating. Our rustic furniture is a perfect fit for the natural feel, or the beauty of our unique wood can really make any space feel warm and inviting. Some of our happiest customers let us offer a full package from the front entry door, circle sawn oak flooring, distressed kitchen cabinets, to the farmhouse dining table. Essentially if you don't see exactly what you are looking for here, don't be afraid to ask.

Do you want something that nobody else has?  What works best for us on custom furniture projects is when the customer wants something unique that is not readly available in normal retail shops.  Ideally the project will encompass higher quality, speciality sizes (especially oversized such as thicker top or extreme long length tables), and one of kind appearance.   For example a big conference table or heavy duty dining room table is much more likely to be feasable with our custom shop than trying to match a budget to a normal small coffee table found anywhere.