Custom Furniture

Custom Furniture

Titus Gilliam

Often we receive a request that starts like this, “We saw this table or piece of furniture in the store or on a website but can you build it for us?” Our answer is usually, “Of course we can make something similar, but for a single piece it is likely to cost more than what you saw.”

Even quality furniture made for big names like Restoration Hardware or Ethan Allen is mass produced. They have the economics of scale to make a 1000 pieces at a time which is more efficient. A lot of it is made overseas, too. Our product instead is handcrafted specifically for you one at a time. If we can make more than one piece in a setup sometimes it can bring the individual price down, though.

Why would you have us make your furniture piece? If you are already placing an order for doors and flooring, that will save some on the setup and shipping costs by combining the order. We do not charge sales tax for out of state deliveries. We have more flexibility in designing to your exact tastes and sizes. Our best values will often be in the oversized or more unique categories which are difficult for retailers to stock.

The attached two pictures are an example of this kind of request. We had a customer contact us from a long ways away. They had seen the table in the second picture called “Parsons Reclaimed Russian Oak Dining Table” from the Restoration Hardware catalogue. Our version of a similar table that we built for them is the first picture. The customers delivered price worked out to be about the same, so they did not necessarily get a cheaper price, but they did get to specify some custom features. Our piece was made in America by the craftsman in RLP’s shop with handcrafted joinery. The top came out to be extra thick at 2 ½” vs. the other model at about 1”. The legs were heavier at 6”. Assembly was extra strong with heavy duty long lag screws and ¼” thick steel angle iron concealed for reinforcement. So they did not get a copy cheaper but rather something heavier duty built to their specifications and delivered for about the same price.

We cannot guarantee that we will always be able to match a price. In fact often times our price might be higher. If one is only price shopping looking for the cheapest price, we may not be the best fit. Rather if you want a story with your piece and can picture the history stored up in the wood, then let us craft you a piece of furniture that is made from antique lumber and will still be around long enough for your great grand kids to take to the Antiques Roadshow.