True 100% reclaimed and recycled lumber. Naturally aged patina but still super solid and sound material that has not rotten and weathered to much. Source of material all mixed pine and fir species. Two face texture options for skip sanded or original band sawn texture with no sanding on face; sample pictures here on this page show both surfaces.

Random width of 3,4,5,7" combination and other options available; random lengths from 1-12' with square cut and defected ends.

All material sanded smooth on backside for consistent and accurate thickness at 3/4". 

All kiln dried, sterilized for bugs, defected and square cut ends. 

Shipped raw and unfinished so you can stain however you like. 

Use for rustic character wood floors or feature walls.

You can specify your preference on the profile for the edge of either a 1/4" deep tongue and groove or typical 1/4 overlap shiplap profile.

Multiple custom options available. 

This product typically has a 2-6 week lead time. We keep minimal stock already milled and ready to ship, so each batch is made to order for the customer. Larger quantity orders get lower average price per square foot. Typical pricing is one time fee per order of $1000 plus $8 per square foot plus shipping.


$9.00 USD