Reclaimed wood blocks for decorative accents, shelf supports, displays, and corbels.

Quantity ordered is total number of blocks/ priced per piece.

$7.00 USD

  • 100% recycled content.
  • Each block looks unique.
  • Easily add a touch of charm and shabby chic as an accent.
  • Complement our accent wall paneling with these corbels to display merchandise or make a shelf.
  • All original nails pulled out blocks.
  • No added chemicals, paint, or faux distress; these blocks are just solid old wood.
  • Unleash your inner creative self!

  • Dimensions vary but approximate dimension are 5.5 x 6 x 4" in a triangle shape. Sold by the piece with these similar dimensions.
  • Some corners knocked and broken off.
  • All pieces have nail holes and splits. Some pieces have knots.
  • Color varies from light honey brown to grey.
  • Wood species is mixed.
  • Any defect or character mark is allowed in these blocks as long as they hold together as a single solid wood chunk.
  • When ordering multiple pieces they do not all necessarily match in exact color and shape.
  • Some pieces may have touches of paint in spots.
  • Not kiln dried.

  • Single wood triangular shaped block. Note this item is sold by the piece or individual block/ not by the square foot.
  • No tools or fasteners for mounting are included. No installation or finish included.
  • Block is sold as is with no further milling or recommendations for application.

  • Feel free to inquire for custom options.

  • See our warranty.
  • Solid wood chunk is sold as is. It matches the specifications provided here, but there is nothing to warranty on the natural wood.
  • All products sold by RLP are non-refundable and non-returnable since most are made to order.