Size: Custom made to your size with no splices or glue joints. Can be made with material that can have any side up to 14 in wide and 33 ft long without a glue joint.

Faces can be skip sanded, fully sanded, bandsaw texture, circle sawn texture, hand hewn, left with full rough original antique patina in brown or gray or weathered, endless combinations of wood species, colors, and textures available. These are real wood beams made with authentic reclaimed lumber and not a faux distress fake beam. We can use any type of wood you like to achieve the exact look you're going for.

The advantages of box beams are:

  • Greater variety of lengths and sizes
  • Ability to wrap structural members such as LVL or microlam material to achieve structural requirements that cannot be achieved with hand hewn beams or other reclaimed wood beams
  • True and more accurate milling
  • No warping or twisting
  • Ability to custom fit on site to ceilings or walls that are not flat and square
  • Cost savings on particularly large beams
  • Greater flexibility in meeting scale and matching sizes on large beam orders where it would be difficult to find combination of sizes and quantities in a solid wood
  • Greater reliability in achieving the look and sizes that customer desires
  • More predictable and reliable lead times
  • Made with two, three, or four faces. Most often ship disassembled for easier assembly and fitting on site and to match to existing conditions but can be pre-assembled.
  • Our custom tooling and machinery is made in-house specifically for this application and working with particularly wide and long pieces and brittle reclaimed wood edges. We have custom built a profile machine that can handle material up to 30 in wide and infinite lengths. Our lock motor miter profile is specially designed to give a perfectly tight 45° joint to make a tight corner.

Most orders have a minimum order of about $2,000 and average beams can vary from $500 to $1,000 each. Give us your size combinations and quantities along with preferred material selection for us to provide a quick quote to you.



$700.00 USD