Steel angle iron 1/8" thickness x 3/4" leg X 3/4" leg X 8' length. Sold by the single stick for covering corners on wood wall paneling installations.

$20.00 USD

  • Quickly conceal exposed outside corners of feature wall paneling installations.
  • The inside dimensions of this product are 5/8 x 5/8" which nicely covers our 3/8" thick accent wall paneling sold here in our online store.
  • Cap over the top of an outside corner or can be reversed on an inside corner.
  • Durable steel will take abuse and protect corners from damage.
  • Makes installation of paneling faster and simpler because lengths do not have to be cut as perfect since ends will be hidden under steel trim cap.
  • All sticks are shipped raw with no finish on them so you can paint or leave unfinished to give a rugged industrial look. The raw, natural mill finish or rusty steel complement our reclaimed wood wall paneling well. You can rust it and seal over with a clear coat if you like.
  • You can cut sticks shorter to any length you want. You will need to drill holes anywhere within the 8' length and/ or glue to wall.

  • Each stick has 1/8" thickness on each leg of the 90 degree angle, width of legs are 3/4", and over all length is 96".
  • No further processing done to raw, unfinished mild steel.
  • No finish on sticks

One 8' trim stick per each item your order.

Call to see pricing options on custom cut to length options in other lengths.

No finish warranty. Sold as is per specification of typical mild steel.