Size: 2 x 36 x 87"

Full rough original aged circle sawn reclaimed wood texture planks running horizontally.

Planks have shiplap edges and are capped on each end with 2" wide raw steel channel iron.

Steel is screwed into planks on edges .

Extra heavy duty unique custom made wood door slab.

Wood is unfinished. You can stain, dye or finish however you like.

These doors are built new but were built as a prototype door for testing our low profile bypass track barn door hardware. They are sold as is with no additional accessories or finishing.  The track system that is shown with doors is not included with the doors. It has a normal price of $841.60, but if buyer wants to add to the pair of doors it can be included for $500.  Doors can be used for interior swing doors, single barn door, or pair of doors on bypass barn door track.  Realize that if one doesn't mount using our track and as shown in the photos there will be two holes drilled showing on each side of the door where it was mounted to the hangers before.

One of the door slabs is $1200 individually or the pair for $2000.

Shipping and handling is usually about $390-550 additional for freight and packaging.

$1,200.00 USD