Random width but likely around 3,5,7" combination other wide plank options available; random length with square cut and defected ends

Salvage ponderosa pine lumber with bug holes and blue streaking.

All kiln dried, sterilized for bugs, defected and square cut ends.  All material sanded smooth on backside for consistent and accurate thickness. Face texture options for skip sanded with hit and miss over circle sawn texture or alternatively fully sanded smooth face.

Shipped raw and unfinished so you can stain however you like. These pictures show some with whitewash and the other with a clear tung oil.

Use for wide plank wood floors, accent wall paneling, shiplap, feature walls, pine ceiling paneling.

Multiple customer options available.  Minimum order 1000 square feet at this pricing plus shipping and handling. Slightly higher pricing possibly with smaller quantities.

Three options offered here:

3/8" thick with all square edges - $4.15

3/4" thick with shiplap or tongue and groove edges- $5.15

$4.15 USD