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Wood Flooring and Paneling

How would you like to have an inspired floor?  We take any combination of wood species, textures and widths to create the ultimate antique wood floor for you. RLP manufactures unlimited custom combinations for you to buy in reclaimed wood flooring. For example, you can choose from solid reclaimed wood floors, reclaimed engineered wood flooring, dirty top, skip planed, hand textured, circle-sawn, wide plank, barn wood, resawn, .... your choices are endless.

cross section of reclaimed wood engineered flooring

Our engineered reclaimed wood flooring surface has all of the beauty, color, and texture of reclaimed material but without the problems that are inherent with solid wood reclaimed lumber floors. It fits perfectly tight, installs fast due to exact milling, has wide widths and long lengths, thickness match up better due to accurate sanding with 150 grit finish, no cracks or holes to worry about since we prefill all holes, lays flat, and has less waste.  This can be a ¾” thick engineered flooring with a reclaimed ¼” (6mm) wear layer over an exterior grade 12mm FSC pure certified 9 layer birch ply that meets Carb 2 requirements. Our glue is different than normal engineered flooring.  We use a water based cross-link PVA glue rather than other polyurethane glues which is more compliant with green building standards.  We have the thickest standard wear layer in the industry and unlimited options if you want a different thickness or width.

Can you imagine how neat it would be to have a wide plank wood floor with individual boards that are 15 inches wide and 10 feet long yet still perfectly stable and flat? We love to do reclaimed engineered wide plank floors in the ultra wide widths (9-18") that are out of the comfort zone of other shops. 

We also set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry in our ability to offer a reclaimed engineered wood flooring with a textured surface.  To do this, we built our own glue press in the shop that can produce a million pounds of force and compensate for the textured random surface in the wear layer.  You can have the original old, antique circular saw marks that are over 100 years old still show their fingerprints in your engineered floor. 

Our engineered flooring is easy for “do it yourself” projects. It doesn’t require specialty equipment such as a big floor sander; most customers only do a light buff or spot sand by hand.  Our engineered flooring is pre-sanded and our personal belief is that site applied finishes work better for the contractor and look classier than pre-finished flooring, so we do not sell prefinished flooring. Generally our most competitive pricing is on our extra wide width plank floors. 

All woods you see through our site can also be made into solid wood flooring or paneling. Order this ultimate green product that is 100% recycled content!  This antique wood flooring will definitely have a story to tell and will keep making new memories. Normally our solid wood flooring is sold up to 7” widths. We prefer that you use our engineered floor for widths wider than 7”, below grade, over concrete, or over radiant heat.  Read more on our FAQ page about the differences between solid and engineered wood floors.

shiplap paneling, solid wood half lap profile

Our lowest cost paneling for accent walls is 3/8” thick with no side profiles in random width Idaho Barnwood; you can see this and order in our online store.  This product has free shipping and the simple, fast install makes it one the easiest ways to get the beautiful, unique texture and color of reclaimed wood on your accent feature wall or ceiling.  Since our manufacturing process makes the product much more accurate it saves on labor and cuts the down on the waste factor that is typical when one uses barn wood.

Alternatively, you can customize by choosing any thickness you like along with picking texture, colors and species.  We offer multiple options from skip sanded to full rough grey texture, interior and exterior, tongue and groove profile, half lap profile, consistently planed for accurate thickness to any dimension, kiln dried, and/ or pressure washed.

Let us make stair treads and nosing to match your flooring. The more interesting and creative the project, then more fun it is for us. We enjoy our work, and we want you to enjoy our product.

By combining doors and flooring for one whole house project, we pass the savings on some handling and setup charges for the order on to the customer. For very large flooring orders, we offer free shipping; ask about other discount options and quantity breaks.  Some other popular compliments in our product line include lock miter false beams, mantles, beam wrap, hand hewn beams, barn lumber, reclaimed wood trim, barn wood, moldings, reclaimed timbers.

restaurant reclaimed barn wood wall paneling & tables