Low clearance barn door hardware & Comparisons of track kits

Barn doors make a big impact! But not all openings have a big space over the top for headroom. Reclaimed Lumber Products has invented the lowest clearance solution where there is limited distance over the top of the opening to fit your sliding track hardware.  In stock, now you can purchase through our online store with free shipping for Commercial delivery addresses the Low Profile V Track - Lowest Clearance Barn Door Hardware; it only requires less than a 2" gap over the door slab for the wheel to roll effortlessly along the sliding track.  These complete kits are offered with one piece tracks in lengths from 6' through 20'.

Our V Track barn door hardware kits perfectly complement difficult applications such as remodels with no backing or headers in the wall because the increased strength of the formed channel can span greater distances between mounting points than a flat track, crown molding sometimes is too close to the top of the door opening leaving less room for the track to mount, ductwork in dropped ceilings, basements with limited headroom, extra tall doors that need to be close to the ceiling, extra heavy oversized doors where one needs greater weight capacity, quiet operation of barn doors desired, extra secure mounting of door in track desired where door cannot come out or off of track, no maintenance, fast & simple installation, sleek design (keep it simple),

RLP offers three different basic track kits. All of our track kits are our own proprietary designs made in the USA. All kits come complete with a black nylon floor guide, four 3/8" mounting bolts to attach hangers to slab sized to length for the thickness of your door, the appropriate number of timber lags (stronger than standard lags offered by competition) for your length of track, end stop, pair of carrier assemblies with adjustable axle, setup blocks to quickly mount hangers to door without measuring, one piece track with end stop holes predrilled (some tracks have option with predrilled lag mounting holes). Here are some basic features so you can compare specifications on the barn door hardware we sell.

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  Mini V Track Heavy Duty V Track Flat Track
Clearance over top of door slab required 1 7/8" 3" 4 1/4"
Lengths available 6' - 20' 6' - 8' 5' - 14' (other custom lengths available)
Colors Unfinished bare steel, Black Unfinished bare steel, Black, Satin Nickel, Rust Bronze Unfinished bare steel, Black, Satin Nickel, Rust Bronze
Type of wheel Glass-filled nylon, 1.5" diameter, Single sealed ball bearing Glass-filled nylon, 2.5" diameter, Double sealed ball bearing Glass-filled nylon, 2.25" diameter, Double sealed ball bearing
Type of stop Hidden bump stop in the valley of track that wheel hits Hidden bump stop in the valley of track that wheel hits Rubber bumper bolted to end of the track that edge of hanger hits
Weight limitation (primarily is how well installer attaches the track to wall/ wheels are stronger) 375 lb. capacity per rail 650 lb. capacity per rail 400 lb. capacity per rail
Thickness of track Formed channel from 10 gauge steel/ 0.1345" Formed channel from 3/16" steel/ 0.1875" Steel flat bar 1/4 x 2" steel/ 0.25"
Distance from back of track or wall to the centerline Fixed at 1 5/16" Fixed at 1 3/4" Adjustable from 1/2" - 1 3/4"
Distance from center of the wheel to the back of the hanger Adjustable from 3/4" - 1 1/8" Adjustable from 7/8" - 1 1/8" Adjustable from 1/2" - 1 1/8"
Best features Lowest room over top of door required of any track kit, most compact and smallest dimensions of any barn door track offered, best value, in stock with longest lengths as one piece track, formed the channel of track can span greater distances than flat track between mounting points, most affordable version of low clearance track available, smoother rolling wheel than heavy duty V track Strongest, most secure mounting where track captures wheel in channel, straightest and most rigid track, highest quality, straight and perfect tolerances on formed track sections, formed channel of track can span greater distances than flat track between mounting points (to summarize this is our best and most recommended track unless you need some of the features of the other designs we offer). Most adjustable for distance to the centerline of the wheel from both the wall and hanger, greatest flexibility in the length of the track, traditional design, and aesthetics
Cautions when compared to our other track kits Not as heavy of gauge steel, the track is not as perfectly straight as heavy duty v track so it requires more attention on install to be sure to mount straight on the wall, not as many options for hanger styles or colors, predrilled mounting holes in the track not available, less clearance room behind door slab Slightly less flexible for the gap behind door slab for thinner doors, not available in longer length track but one can purchase extra sticks of tracks to splice to gain longer lengths, wheel not as perfectly round as other two styles Flatbar doesn't have the rigidity and inherent strengths that our V track channels offer/ it must be securely mounted to wall approximately every 16" and close to the end of the track to function safe and secure, when mounting a longer distance from the wall it will sag more