Barn Door Hardware - RLP Flat Track Rectangular Hanger

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  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Custom designed by RLP meant to function better and install simpler with more flexibility than most flat track.
  • Wheel spacing from hanger is adjustable.
  • Stand-off distance from back of track to wall is adjustable to allow the installer to install a straight track on uneven wall or adjust clearance to have back of door as close to wall as possible.
  • Heavy duty all steel construction with ball bearing wheels.
  • Unique design for rubber bumper stop bolted on end of track- no metal on metal clang!
  • Ultra long lengths (many custom options available) of barn door hardware track stocked in sizes up to 14’ as a one piece track with no splices. Alternate brands sell long length options in multiple pieces rather than our one piece track.
  • Alternative design than most flat track and doesn't need jump blocks installed to keep wheels on track.
  • Can be order with or without mounting holes predrilled in track so you can match the track to the mounting points available on the wall.
  • Complete kit for track includes all hardware you need to mount your door. You do not need to purchase any extra lags or other fasteners.
  • Colored kits are coated with matte textured, industrial, baked on powder coat- not spray painted like many other brands.
  • Save money by combining this track kit with a one of our barn door slabs for an additional $85 discount (discount applied at final checkout).