Old Fashioned Milk Paint & Reclaimed Accent Wall Paneling

Old Fashioned Milk Paint & Reclaimed Accent Wall Paneling

Titus Gilliam

What happens when one combines two authentic products? Could it be a perfect marriage? The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company www.milkpaint.com provided us some sample colors to experiment with on accent wall paneling.

Resawn Oak Blend Paneling is the perfect canvas to be creative with your choice of colors. Most of our products come unfinished so that allows the customer to pick their own stain or paint if they want to personalize their finish.

These pictures are just a demonstration of one of many possible options. One could pick out one or two of the colors to use for their project. The first picture shows some beautiful, authentic colors from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. This product is so easy to use! One simply mixes water with the powder and brushes it on. It can be diluted in different concentrations to make a more transparent or opaque wash. Colors can be mixed to get just the right tone. One can get real creative and brush over colors with other coats or experiment with an antique distressed look. The milk paint gives such an original look that is more special than just plain latex. Also there is no odor, and the cleanup is a snap.

The last picture shows a different option with alcohol based aniline dye.  Once again you can pick and choose any color you like.

Not all reclaimed lumber materials have to look rustic and "woodsy."  Our best selling panelings are the more "reclaimed" looking products, but by introducing the option to change colors it give a whole new life to old wood that might otherwise be overlooked.  These new options paneling and finishes might let one decorate a nursery, jazz up a coffee bar, warm up an office, drop a little farmhouse in a loft, take the sterile and cold feel out of contemporary space, provide a green alternative for finishes, or let the interior designer pick just their perfect pallet of colors.