Barn Wood Blend with no sanding on face leaving the original reclaimed lumber surface texture & old color's true patina- reclaimed grey and brown tones. Entirely reclaimed lumber from barnwood siding for decorative interior walls and ceilings. Thin plank paneling in random width combinations consisting of 3″, 5″, and 7″. Individual solid barn wood strips in random lengths from 10 to 93" and 3/8" thick. Buy here with discounted shipping to create unique feature walls with authentic reclaimed wood boards.

Discounts show up in your cart--- Place an order over 1000 square feet of this product in a single order and you save 5%.

$7.54 USD

  • Proudly made craftsmen in the US. We carefully sort these wood wall planks from our reclaimed barn wood. The premium material with the most solid pieces and best surfaces in both color and texture are set aside for the original antique blend.
  • Quickly put color and texture on your feature walls, ceilings, bars, or wainscot with this reclaimed wood paneling.
  • Most efficient product made that has the natural beauty and quality of reclaimed lumber but due to exacting milling tolerance it does not have the installation frustrations of barn lumber; this makes it the fastest way to buy and install wood for a feature wall.
  • This paneling product has accurate milling tolerances but since it is not sanded on the face it does not have as accurate of tolerances as our skip sanded paneling.
  • Normally this paneling ships within three days of ordering!
  • Recommended install over plywood backing glued with PL brand construction adhesive; if installing over sheetrock you must use PL brand glue and paint flat black before install.
  • Lightweight and simple to install on remodels. Intentionally made thin for ease of install around trim, electrical and fixtures.
  • All edges straight and square make fast and easy installation. No profile on edges allows for faster install and more efficient yield on materials.
  • No specialty tools needed for installation. Simple carpentry tools required such as saw, hammer and finish nails or brad nail gun, tape measure, caulking gun with construction adhesive, painting tools, etc.
  • Real original color and texture- all material is authentic with no fake aging, added dies or stains; this material is true reclaimed old wood. This product has lots of variation in tones, shades, patina, age, and feel. Batch to batch will vary in color ratios.

  • Back side is sanded to thickness of 3/8" - thickness tolerance up to 1/8" less than nominal thickness in some spots due to texture.
  • Edges and ends straight cut with no profile. Material defected to lengths of 10-93". Note square edges and previously defected dramatically helps increase yield and coverage compared to other reclaimed products. Also no mating profile allows more flexibility with install.
  • Random width combinations of 3, 5, and 7"- not necessarily equal quantities of each width. This material has been accurately ripped to these three consistent widths. You will receive a little bit of each width in your order.
  • Random lengths of 10 to 93". No guarantee of actual quantities of any particular size with the way this is packaged.
  • Shipped as individual boards in the size combinations described. This is solid wood material; it is not applied to a backer or sheet good product. You will apply the separate boards in the field.
  • Dress up surfaces quick and easy with natural wood colors. Not intended for exterior applications or flooring, but rather meant for interior wood wall & ceiling paneling.
  • Any combination of softwood species (mostly pine and fir) with all original patina and old texture showing - very diverse blend of colors and textures. Blend really varies in color and texture from batch to batch that is produced. Source of material is random combination of barnwood siding, corral boards, grain elevator boards, barn roof rafters and joists, and fence planks.
  • No machining, planing or sanding done to face of boards. Most colors are blond, brown, reddish brown, dusty grey, silver, and dark grey. The majority of the colors are more dull tones.
  • 100% recycled content. No added chemicals or finishes- just solid reclaimed wood. This has no paint or stain on it; you can apply finishes after you install if you like.
  • Kiln dried. No fill in loose knots or nail holes.
  • Weighs just slightly less than one pound per square foot on average.
  • Priced by the square foot of material shipped. Note RLP makes no representation as to how much material customer needs. It is up to customer to measure job accurately and order correct amount of material based on intended installation. Usually 10% extra should be ordered for a waste factor. (For example if you have a wall that is 20 long and 8 feet high you probably should order at least 176 square feet 20 x 8 x 1.1 = 176) Installation method and pattern could cause waste higher than 10%. We do not guarantee the quantity of material on coverage; we sell it by the square foot of material delivered. Future orders will be charged at the quantity ordered at the time of each individual order.

  • Quantity of material in total square feet that you order made according to specifications in this listing; there are not necessarily equal or specific quantities in linear or square foot terms for each width. Shipped as random length individual boards combined in cardboard boxes of various sizes up to 100 sf per box depending on total quantity ordered. Customer should include extra in their total to cover a waste factor. Smaller and more complicated jobs have a higher waste factor. Any patterns or specific size requirements are not intended for this product the way it is packaged and sold.
  • Note this product has no guarantee for specific ratios of colors, textures, or sizes in width or lengths. This is a completely random blend and will vary from the pictures and from batch to batch.
  • Only shipped in 25 SF increments.
  • Lots of nostalgia along with comments on your decorating.
  • For shipping add to cart to calculate and also check our customer service page for terms.
  • Not included- Installation, finish material, nails, glue, or tools. 

  • Note for this pricing structure this product is prepackaged in boxes and the random size and color assortment is what you get. 
  • No custom sorting for size or color at this pricing. Any special requests will significantly alter pricing structure.
  • We sell a number of other paneling and flooring options in both solid wood and engineered, various thicknesses and widths, different wood species, along with choice of textures and colors.

  • See our warranty.
  • Solid wood paneling is sold as is. It matches the specifications provided here, but there is nothing to warranty on the natural, solid wood.
  • Not for exterior or structural use- Intended for interior dry, climate controlled applications only over plywood or OSB substrate. Wood is kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content; if ambient moisture is higher than that acclimate prior to installation.
  • All products sold by RLP are non-refundable and non-returnable since most are made and packaged to order.


Note this video is of a different product with slightly different finishes, but the details and hints are applicable for installation.