Aged dull silver galvanized corrugated sheets of roofing or wall siding metal. No rust on this old recycled tin with the narrow corrugated ripple pattern. All 26 x 32" sheets and sold here priced by the square foot. Ready for prompt shipping.  Add to cart now to see total price with affordable shipping rates.

$2.59 USD

  • Simple ordering for smaller size sheets with matching color blend and corrugated pattern.
  • Pricing on this product is more affordable on smaller quantities than some of our other listings which come in longer sheets. Quantities under 300 square feet will probably ship UPS ground and larger quantities may ship by freight truck.

  • All approximately 26" wide and 32" long. Depending on how one calculates the square footage each piece is about 5.33 or 5.77 square feet per sheet; when calculating the number of sheets to send we base our calculation on each sheet being 5.5 square feet. Price in this listing is priced per square foot; the total number of sheets you will receive is the quantity you order divided by 5.5. Price gets lower as larger quantity is ordered as shown in table above. Pricing based on total quantity ordered per each order.
  • All material here in this listing has narrower corrugated pattern.
  • Random fully galvanized sheets as shown in pictures with age but little to no rust. Nail holes and dents, some have tears, some have bent edges where laps will not be perfect. This batch is not as rough and rustic character as most salvaged roofing metal off barns. It is intended to be used for decorative purposes and not necessarily to be used for waterproof or structural applications.
  • Sheets have not been cleaned or processed in any way.
  • Seller makes no warranty as to the exact yield and condition of material because all customer tastes are different. Seller has done no processing, cleaning, aging, cutting, or fabrication to actual material. Sheet metal sold in the as is condition from actual recycled source for decoration and design elements. Seller does not know previous use or history of material, but all material has similar source, with matching sizes and pattern.

  • The quantity you enter is the number of square feet total that we ship.
  • Be sure to order extra for waste factor and overlap on the edges. We cannot tell you how much to order since installation patterns and personal preferences can change the yield. All that we guarantee is that we ship the quantity you order but not the yield on how you install it. It is cheaper to order extra material initially than to reorder at a higher price with a smaller quantity.
  • No special sort for color, size, or special shipping options included at this price. At this pricing structure shown in this product listing, it is at RLP's discretion to ship with any combination of sheets as described in this listing.
  • Shipping is based on terms found on our customer service page.
  • Installation, fasteners, trim, cleaning, sealer or other accessories not included.

  • No special sorting with this price.
  • No further cleaning or handling at this price.
  • Customer may ask before purchasing for sorting or shipping alternatives but this may alter pricing structure.

  • Sold as is with no warranty except that quantity ordered matches quantity shipped and description of merchandise matches this description.
  • Non-refundable and non-returnable.