Salvaged used roofing metal with beautiful architectural decorative character from the aged patina. All sheets two feet wide for coverage and random lengths. Random mix of colors and sources of this used material. Sold by the single square foot here.

$3.68 USD

  • Real reclaimed, used, salvaged roofing sheets of metal.
  • Affordable option or alternative to other higher priced reclaimed paneling products.
  • Buy any quantity here in Reclaimed Lumber Products online store (free shipping based on terms found on our customer service page).
  • Many decorative options to use this product.

  • All previously used metal from a variety of old, historic buildings.
  • Variety of colors and patterns from fully rusty and beat up to galvanized or slightly rusty, has nail holes and dents, some has tears, some has bent edges where laps will not be perfect. The nature of this product is that it has character and is old so it is not perfect and in new condition. It is intended to be used for decorative purposes and not necessarily to be used for waterproof or structural applications.
  • Sheets may have loose rust, some grime, or roof coatings on them; they have not been cleaned or processed in any way.
  • Sheets may be completely random and vary in length and color within batch. Smaller narrower ripple corrugated pattern with this product listing different than standard corrugated patterns. Most all material has some level of rust on it.
  • All approximately 26" wide with overlapping coverage expected at 2'. Random lengths from 7' through 14'. Actual lengths sent will be optimized by RLP depending on quantity ordered and shipping method utilized. Price shown here is based on one square foot. For example if you order 16 square feet you will receive one sheet that is 8' long.
  • Seller makes no warranty as to the exact yield and condition of material because all customer tastes are different. Seller has done no processing, cleaning, aging, cutting, or fabrication to actual material. Sheet metal sold in the as is condition from actual recycled source for decoration and design elements.

  • Square footage of material that you order. Your exact coverage and yield will probably be less than what you order. No specific sorting by size and color of sheet at this price. Random length pieces possible. Square footage delivered is not necessarily equal to square feet installed; be sure to order extra for waste factor, defect and overlap. We cannot tell you how much to order since installation patterns can change the waste factor. Know that this product is sold by the square foot and your method of installation or sorting may change the yield. All that we guarantee is that we ship the quantity you order but not the yield on how you install it. It is cheaper to order extra material initially than to reorder at a higher price with a smaller quantity.
  • No special sort for color, size, or special shipping options included at this price. At this pricing structure shown in this product listing, it is at RLP's discretion to ship with any method any type of material in any color and size described here. Depending on your quantity there may be options to send certain lengths at a small extra fee.
  • Shipping is based on terms found on our customer service page.
  • Installation, fasteners, trim, cleaning, sealer or other accessories not included.

  • No special sorting for size or color at this pricing.
  • No processing or fabrication at this price.
  • Customer may ask before purchasing for sorting or shipping alternatives but this may alter pricing structure.

  • Sold as is with no warranty except that quantity ordered matches quantity shipped and description of merchandise matches this description.
  • Non-refundable and non-returnable.