A pleasant combination of three openings (for glass or other panel material) set in a reclaimed wood door. Free shipping to commercial address (check our customer service page for terms). with custom sizes made quickly to order.

Use door slab for sliding barn door, interior hinged swinging door, or combination of units in privacy wall for commercial or residential applications. See specifications below for dimensions of heavy duty solid wood frame. Price below is for single door slab sanded and ready to install. Assembled and includes all wood components; does not include glass.

Order more than one door slab to get $500 discount off each additional door and combine with track hardware kits to get another $85 discount! (note these discounts will be credited back to your order after checkout)

  • Custom made by craftsmen in America. Crafted from real barn wood into a stable, square, flat engineered solid wood door.
  • Quick manufacturing time on a full range of sizes. Normally this door slab ships within one to two weeks of ordering!
  • See some of our construction techniques and assembly methods on our solid wood doors page. All frame components engineered for the highest quality door.
  • Complete door assembled and sanded. Shipped as the raw wood door slab so you can pick your own stain and finish.
  • Second door ordered at the same time receives a $500 discount.
  • Save money by combining this door slab with one of our track hardware kits for an additional $85 discount. Buy your barn door and sliding track hardware from RLP for a one-stop solution, with quick turnaround time.

  • Door sizes up to 42" wide typically have 1 3/4" thick frames. Vertical stile member of frame is 5" wide, horizontal top rail 4 7/8" wide, middle rails are 4" wide, and bottom rail is 8 7/8" wide.
  • Door sizes over 42" wide typically have 2 1/4" thick frames. Vertical stile member of frame is 6" wide, horizontal top rail 6 7/8" wide, middle rails are 4" wide, and bottom rail is 8 7/8" wide.
  • Note- glass is NOT included, set or shipped with this door at this price. It is better for the door to ship without the glass installed. It is easier to ship, install and finish the door without the glass; then after that is complete the customer can set their own glass.
  • All glass stop supplied is 1/2" square. One side is set and glued in place. Other side is cut and fitted but not installed. Assumption is that customer to supply their own glass that is 1/4" thick. If they intend to use a different thickness for the glass let Reclaimed Lumber Products know so that glass stop can be installed differently to assure that the glass is centered in the opening.
  • All frames have a solid wood engineered stave core made entirely from recycled lumber.
  • This door intended for dry interior applications only and not to be used in any unconditioned or high humidity locations.
  • Door slab can be utilized on a sliding track, interior swing door mounted on jamb with hinges (note prehang and trim not included), or used to build a combination of a glass wall system and doors.
  • Any combination of Idaho barnwood (mostly pine and fir)-- very diverse blend of colors and textures. The frame may have any range of texture from all original old colors to freshly milled and rough to smooth. All pieces are skip sanded.
  • All material kiln dried prior to machining. Loose knots and nail holes filled.
  • Shipped unfinished and unsealed so customer can choose their own finish.

  • Single unfinished door slab made to your exact dimensions. This price is the delivered price for one door.
  • Buy reclaimed wood doors for sale. Check our customer service page for shipping cost details.
  • Not included - Installation, stain & finish, prehung preparation, hardware or track, trim, jamb, tools, or glass. All installation for hardware or prehang on jamb are an additional step.
  • The door is not machined or predrilled for hardware; track kit if ordered with a door is not installed on the door.

  • Unlimited options.
  • We can offer different designs or materials than what is shown here but that is custom order which will need to be priced individually.
  • This door is intended for quick shipping at our best price. We can make a number of other sizes, styles, and color. Just call us at 208-412-7823 for a quote on another option.

  • RLP warrants this door is free of defects for one year if installed properly.See our warranty.
  • All products sold by RLP are non-refundable and non-returnable since most are made to order.