Questions to Ask When You Buy Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling

Questions to Ask When You Buy Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling

Titus Gilliam

Is your old wood real?

FAUX is a four letter word.  The reclaimed wood craze has made wood walls so trendy!  With this craze in the market, there are all kinds of substitutes for barn wood paneling. A number of manufacturers pretend that they are offering barn wood but often times it is artificially aged new wood or treated with a bunch of different finishes to look like reclaimed wood, but it is just a substitute. Even the big box stores are jumping on the bandwagon.

Reclaimed Lumber Products demands the real thing (giving old wood a new life). Our authentic wood is all previously used and recycled content. It came from old buildings, barns, grain elevators, corrals and has natural age, patina, and texture. Our blends are made from 100% recycled solid wood planks.  It is nothing but real wood.  Don't worry about toxic finishes, fake substitutes, composites, imitation, or virgin lumber sneaking into our product line. 

Here you can support the local, made in America manufacturing.  RLP doesn't have a bunch intermediaries getting in the way.  You are buying from the people who made the entire product line from start to finish.  RLP takes pride in their good reputation.  Let our craftsman supply your barn wood wall.

How is barn wood paneling made?

Look at the manufacturer's specification sheet and ask about allowed tolerances or defects. Our boards are milled very accurately.  Every stick of lumber is handled many times before it ends up put in a box as the finished product.  Our finished paneling planks have the beauty of real barn wood but the problems with old lumber are removed in our manufacturing process.  The raw material is metal detected and detailed; pressure washed; resawn; kiln dried and sterilized; calibrated accurately for length, width, and thickness; inspected; carefully packaged. What that means to you is less waste, flat and square boards, no nails, no bugs, clean, safe, no dirt or other barnyard treats.

Our machinery needs have grown with our operation. For example, we have two kilns running simultaneously along with a 15000 CFM dust collector.  Most machinery has energy saving devices such as VFDs and automation. Our CNC saw that just simply cuts the ends square on the boards and defects is so automated, fast, and senses cut points that it cost more to install than all of our original machinery combined. This means that you are getting an old fashion product made in a high tech operation with very demanding tolerances and precision machining.

What does the wood paneling cost?

The price displayed in RLP's online store is the price per square foot delivered to you.  There are no sneaky other charges.  It is simple and easy to order with our free shipping for Commercial delivery addresses. Pricing gets cheaper based on higher quantities in individual orders.  The average cost of the barn wood blend wall paneling lands at a little over $7/sf.

How are wood wall planks packaged and shipped?

After the milling process is complete each plank is carefully hand inspected. RLP designed a measuring and packaging machine that relies on conveyors, laser measuring devices, computers to calculate square footage totals, stacking machines, and the works to make sure every box of paneling you order is accurately packaged.

Individual boards are combined in an 8' long box that is made from 275# cardboard. Each box may weigh up to 100 pounds.  Most orders under 500 square feet are shipped UPS Ground in individual boxes; larger orders ship on pallets via freight truck.  All pricing in our online store reflects free shipping.

Be sure you understand what size of material you will receive.  Some other manufacturers only offer short and narrow pieces.  Our blends are random length up to 90" long, and the barn wood blends have widths of 3,5, and 7". So you get a greater variety. The ratio of sizes is always random, and the larger the order the more likely you will receive a greater variety.

All products in our online store are usually in stock and ship immediately.  Check our customer service page for updated lead times if there are any.

How long have you been in business?

Reclaimed Lumber Products has been making beautiful millwork from old lumber for twelve years.  As a major national manufacturer and trusted supplier, we were the first to offer on the internet thin reclaimed wood wall paneling.  We've sold our reclaimed wood blend through our website for a number of years.  A good thing attracts attention, and one cannot help but notice that there are a number of new vendors copying our product line.

How do we order?

Checkout on this website is easy and fast. There is a square footage calculator in the product listing.  To be safe always err on the side of ordering extra material than too little because pricing is cheaper at the higher quantities, and you never want to run short on your DIY reclaimed wood accent wall install.  All of our wood wall paneling products are sold in 25 square foot increments. To get the best quantity discount price and free shipping check out through our secure online store.