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Feel free to contact us to see about ordering different sizes or variations of items.

Also, we do all kinds of custom millwork besides these stocked inventory items seen in our online store. The items in the online store are just meant to be a quick and easy ordering option for frequently requested items.

Pricing on custom orders may be significantly different. For example, if ordering a single custom door it is likely to be higher priced than items on this page, but if ordering a whole-house package of doors your average cost per door would be significantly improved due to quantity discounts.

Most custom orders will take significantly longer to the manufacturer. Usually the minimum size for a custom order needs to be over several thousand dollars total to be a good value on individual items for the customer. We just don't do custom smaller projects that might only have a cost of less than a couple thousand dollars.

We do not offer custom cut to length sizes on barn door hardware track kits unless there are other items ordered with it like a custom door package or the quantity is significant like more than ten track kits to help cover the extra time and custom set up fee.

Custom orders do not have free shipping. Custom order quotes do not include credit card processing fees.

Variations or special requests to stock items will significantly alter the pricing structure for small quantity orders.