Exciting News!

custom exterior sliding barn doors X brace with reclaimed wood

Reclaimed Lumber Products is developing new styles of custom sliding barn door hardware!

We offer one piece track lengths up to 20' with RLP's own bracket design and  color combinations. We now have in stock complete track assemblies in both the flat track and our proprietary design V track; be sure to compare some of the unique advantages that our track offers in our online store. This is the best place to buy quality sliding barn doors and track hardware. Take advantage of great discounts when combining track with the barn door; check out both and get a discount!   This is the best place to buy our sliding barn door, and do you want to buy the most versatile sliding sliding track kits system made such as our horseshoe hanger flat track barn door hardware. For difficult applications where one has limited space or headroom over their door opening, our mini V track is the perfect solution which requires only a 2" gap over the top of the sliding door. If you have a 3" space over the door slab, and need the best quality, smoothest operating, and strongest solution than choose our heavy duty V track

If you want something different, look throughout our website to see some of the custom orders that we have done such as the pictures of the custom sliding barn doors below.

Create a unique focal point in a room by utilizing any of our one of a kind door slabs (stile & rail or flush plank) combined with track barn door hardware. You can do a pair of doors or a single large door. There are unlimited combinations that we can help you customize using our barn door hardware and sliding barn doors. Our custom crafted barn doors and sliding wood doors are like putting artwork on the wall.

custom reclaimed wood barn door and hardware

We can make any size door you like.  If you have an odd size or oversized opening, that is fantastic!  Our specialty is making something that is hard to find. Do you want to wow everybody, or how would you like to have a 10’ wide door? No problem, we can do it. You could choose to have it anywhere from old and rustic to chic and artsy looking.

These doors can be used in locations where it is not practical to put a swing door; the slider can maximize space over stairs or if there is not room for the arc of the swing. Sometimes our customers put up a “door to nowhere” on a wall just as accent even if there is no opening behind the wall. Another interesting way to create space is to add closets on long empty walls; we have had customers even make a whole wall out of a series of doors. Other great locations for sliding barn doors are lofts, infrequently used guest rooms, dens, media rooms, great rooms, conference rooms, changing rooms, hide something like a TV, or master baths. Our reclaimed wood doors can even be used as decorative headboards. Buy RLP's barn doors to add the rustic element or splash of an organic warmer touch in a contemporary setting.

Barn doors are our most frequent request. We will help design the door(s), make suggestions for opening sizes, source the track hardware, and walk you through each step. Don’t be intimidated by the process. There is really nothing overly complicated or mystical about attaching the track, mounting the hardware and hanging door. However, the people who see your results will think it is magical.


Here are some key things to think about:

  • Size the door slightly larger than the trimmed opening.
  • Have the reveal or overlap of the door the same on all three sides.  Our rule of thumb is to make this reveal be at least 1 1/2".  On a single door then you make the slab 3" wider than the inside dimension of the trimmed opening.  If you set the door 1/2" off the floor, make the door slab 1" taller than the finished opening from floor to bottom of trim header.
  • When trimming the opening consider how the trim will look and the reveal with the door installed. You may want the door to be large enough to cover the trim altogether.
  • If you want to attain more privacy with the sliding door such as on a bathroom, over size the door as much as possible in relationship to the opening and purchase our privacy lock.
  • Use thinner trim for a cased opening or sheetrock wrap that won’t get in the way of the sliding door.
  • There needs to be clearance above the door opening for the hardware (this varies). Our flat track requires about 4.5" above door, and our V track is a great low clearance option requiring less than 3".
  • Make sure there is a spot to mount the track hardware in the right location directly above the door.  For example if there is trim in the way, you need a flat spot for the full length of the track.
  • Preferably there is room to fully open the door to one side of the opening.
  • Order you track length use twice the door slab width.
  • Make sure you have a means to get the door into the building, especially if it is an oversized door.  If the door design is too large to move into building easily we will build it in a version that can be assembled from components once inside.  
  • For us a rule of thumb is that if the door is wider than four feet it may be simpler to provide two doors instead of one, but if you like the statement that a huge door makes then that is our specialty.
  • If you are doing a pair of double doors that each open to their respective side and stop in the middle you can purchase two separate track kits from us that are sized just the twice the width of each door.  For example if you are using a pair of doors that are each 3' wide, then buy two complete 6' track kits from us.
  • If the pair of doors both open to the same side then you will probable want to order a single piece of track that is 12' long for the above example and get one extra pair of hangers so both doors can be mounted.  This avoids having a splice in the track; we stock extra long length flat tracks and offer custom fabrication.  One drawback to opening multiple doors to one side is accommodating floor guides.
  • One key item that makes your install easier is to have solid backing or a continuous header for the full length of the track.  A continuous header makes it easier to find a sturdy spot to drill your lags into when mounting the track. Otherwise, you will need to locate the studs. The track hardware we carry can be ordered with holes evenly spaced about 16" on center, custom drilled spacing, or no holes at all so you can drill to your preference in the field. 
  • We have special construction techniques that can make a very large, thick, solid wood door light relative to its size.  Just be sure to verify the weight of the door and what your track is rated for.
  • When purchasing your door for the track compare quality of how the door is made and if you want both sides of the door to look nice whether opened or closed.  There is huge difference in quality of construction of available.   Our doors are real doors that look the same from both sides.  A number of other options are not true doors but rather boards screwed together in the shape of a rectangle.  Our doors are not the cheapest option, and the quality reflects that.
  • Also consider door design and panel configuration for how it will look on both sides of the door whether opened or closed. 
  • Be sure to download our installation instructions for more detailed information.  We offer multiple options in barn door hardware with unique capabilities for low profile and limited clearance applications, long length one piece barn door tracks, flexible adjustment options for spacing barn door off of the wall, and high quality components in a complete track kit.
  • This picture to the right covers a number of the points above.  The door is oversized enough to hide all the original trim on the cased opening when is in the closed position.  The installation for the track hardware lag bolt mounts were into studs rather than a solid continuous header.  That is why the bolts don't have consistent spacing.  Also there are no lag bolts at the end of the track, so the stop blocks have to be bolted on separately.  This 2 1/4" thick door's back side would have rubbed on the trim had the additional ledger board not been added underneath the standoffs for the track.  This ledger pushes the track off to the wall to gain clearance, and it adds reinforcement for mounting points since the track was only being installed in existing studs which are not the preferred way to mount the barn door track hardware.  Note though, that this track is not the flat track design the we offer.  It is a brand different than RLPs.  You can see in the flat track installation instructions that we have greater flexibility in the mounting distance from the wall to the back of the track, location for mounting lags, and attachment methods for end stops.  These all factors to consider when planning your track installation.