A flush door is built with one flat surface on both sides rather than a

brown circle sawn texture reclaimed flush plank barn door

 stile and rail architectural door that has vertical and horizontal frame members that have floating panels inside.  Our flush plank doors can be built with a number of different techniques that you should discuss with us concerning price, look and performance.  A number of manufactures will simply edge glue together boards.  This is fine if one is not worried about stability, movement or the door staying flat.  Our lowest cost option would be to do something similar but actually face glue two halves together of solid wood to make a lamination.  This will help for rigidity, but we would not recommend this door for an application such as an entry door or anyplace that movement was a concern.  It works well for a lower price point sliding door application.

A more stable option is to build with an engineered stave core frame concealed under wide planks laminated to the surface. The exterior of the door looks like solid wood boards but they are actually 1/4" thick veneers laid up over a more stable core.  The majority of the inside of the door can be made with a laminated closed cell foam product which lightens the door and adds superior insulation properties. On an exterior door we can achieve an R5 rating or better (depending on how thick you will let us build your door) which meets Energy Star requirements. An alternative to the foam product that we use is lumber core veneer sheet laid in a series of layers and laminations. Either way, our flush plank doors have solid wood edges and are engineered to stay flat.

You can choose any level of texture and wood types to go on the surfaces. Additional decoration can be added such as Z or X braces made from boards and bolted on or metal hardware looks is a great addition, too.

The main two reasons to go with our flush plank doors would be the energy efficiency in an exterior door or the clean and simple look.

Like our stile and rail doors we take special steps to ensure quality construction:

  • Zero VOC and formaldehyde free glues, Type II water resistant glues.
  • Veneers are ¼ - 5/16” thick. Planks can be chosen for all different widths and orientation can be vertical or horizontal.
  • All edges are made from solid wood.
  • Cores are a combination of at least three sheets from two of the following categories: hardboard over foam core, birch plywood, or lumber core plywood.  This combination helps to produce a truly flat product and will also minimize movement or warping, something that can be an inherent problem with this type of design.  The foam core helps to reduce weight and add insulation value.  The birch ply provides strength, stability, and tensioning.  These cores are all concealed, and there is no way to tell that they are in the door without cutting it in half.
  • Option to not have an engineered core but rather just two boards face glued together to make a plank and then edge glued to other planks.  This technique is only recommended for interior sliding doors and is not as stable as the engineered option.
  • All doors with sanded texture are finish sanded to 150 grit, but final sanding should be done again by customer.
  • Unlimited combinations for dimensions and embellishments.
  • Satisfaction of knowing that your door was made entirely in America with local products. You can hold us accountable for your satisfaction because you are ordering direct from the craftsmen who build your product.