Indestructible.  Our toughest smoothest operating floor mounted guide with rounded corners; secures sliding door from wobble.  Includes two wood screws and single T shaped guide 3" long x 1" tall x 3/16" thick black nylon.  Color does not wear off; cannot break, warp or bend.
$13.00 CAD


  • Will not wear out, high strength nylon- 3/16" thick, 1" tall, 3" long. Softened and rounded corners.
  • No moving parts. Self lubricating.
  • Will not bend like metal or break like lighter weight plastic ones- This barn door floor guide is indestructible!

  • 3" long, 1" tall, 1" wide.
  • Two #8 wood screws supplied to go in elongated holes.
  • If attaching to concrete, you must use concrete anchors and/or epoxy.
  • Floor guide meant to attach to floor to keep barn door hanging plumb, sliding straight, and not banging into wall.
  • Can be installed as a single where a slot in the bottom of the door rides over guide or just against back face of door. Can also be used in pairs to create a channel for door.

  • Single floor guide and two screws.

  • See other metal floor guides.

  • RLP warrants this hardware is free of defects and is guaranteed for ten years if installed properly.
  • Customer misusing hardware or not following installation directions voids warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear especially on finish.
  • All products sold by RLP are non-refundable and non-returnable since most are made to order.