Smallest bypass barn door hardware kit available.  For applications where one wants to slide one barn door in front of another. 3" clearance required above door slabs to fit entire pair of tracks and brackets.  Comes complete with all brackets for two doors, guides, fasteners, and two tracks in the length you choose.
$1,091.00 CAD


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  • Best bypass barn door track option for flexibility to match various thickness of doors and limited space over top of door slab to fit track hardware.
  • Perfect for situations that require minimum clearance behind and above barn door. Stack barn doors to one side of opening where less wall space is needed.
  • Special design only made by Reclaimed Lumber Products in the USA! Exclusive for purchase here in our online store.
  • In stock for immediate shipping and free shipping to commercial addresses.
  • Track system from RLP's Low Profile V Track - Lowest Clearance Barn Door Hardware. Benefits from the specially molded, smooth operating, ball bearing, nylon wheels that have adjustable spacers on axles to adapt for different clearances and thicknesses of doors.
  • Super strong and secure channel track.
  • Complete kit comes with all mounting bolts, lags, guides, and stops to mount one barn door in front of another on two different tracks.
  • One piece (no splices) long length track kits up to 20' are in stock. Note this unique feature where all tracks are shipped as one full length piece in the exact length that you order; compare to many competitor tracks that ship as short lengths where one must splice pieces together on installation.
  • All steel parts precision cut with laser and channel track formed with CNC press brake to accurate, repeatable tolerances.
  • Order with one of our reclaimed wood barn door slabs to get an additional $85 discount.

  • Nylon wheels formed over 3/8" ball bearing. All hangers assembled with spacers and 3/8" mounting bolts supplied.
  • Channel is made from 10 gauge (0.135") formed mild steel.
  • 200 lb. capacity per rail.
  • Needs 3" of clearance over top of door slab to install both bypass brackets and tracks. 6" minimum clearance from back to front for two complete tracks and doors assembled.
  • All track is shipped with stop bolt holes predrilled in each end. Lag mounting holes for attaching track to wall are not predrilled. Customer will need to drill these mounting holes in track for attaching it to wall.
  • Distance from back of track to centerline of wheel is 1 5/16". Doors thicker than 2" or where obstacles for clearance such as trim existing around opening may require additional spacer/ ledger board mounted behind track.
  • The hangers are 6 5/8" tall and extend down from the top of the door 5". The precision laser cut hanger is 2 ½" wide and made with 3/16" thick plate steel.
  • All mounting bolts supplied are 3/8" diameter and 1/2" longer than the thickness of your door you specify.
  • Available in lengths from 5' through 20' long.
  • Only available in unfinished and black colors. Note the raw unfinished steel has lots of variation in color. It comes from the steel factory in colors from shiny silver to dark gray. There is no sealer coat, cleaning or buffing done to the raw steel. It can tarnish and rust. It may already have rust pitting, oil, grease, factory mill scale, or other surface discoloration on it because no cleaning or processing has been done to the raw steel. Most customers who order the unfinished color intentionally do this because they intend to finish it themselves with another color, like the industrial look, or want to rust the steel. The unfinished steel may also have scratches and tooling marks left on it from the forming and cutting process.

  • Track has stop holes predrilled. No lag mounting holes are drilled in track. You will be supplied with two sticks of track in the exact length ordered.
  • Normally you should order track length twice the width of your door. If you need length of track different than what is available in our online store you can order track and cut to length or follow the instructions on page 6 to make accommodations for different scenarios. We do not custom cut to length; the only lengths we offer are shown here in increments from 5 - 20'.
  • 1/4" x 4" timber lag screws in the quantity matched to length of track you ordered. Lag screws supplied are for both mounting first track to wall and bypass bracket. Additional fasteners and complete bypass bracket assemblies supplied in recommended quantity necessary for mounting the length of track that you ordered.
  • Two end stops for each track.
  • Single floor guide is black for each track (for a total of two), 3" long, 1" tall, and made with 3/16" thick glass filled nylon. Floor guide is meant to be screwed to floor with two black #8 screws supplied (alternatively could be epoxied to floor or over concrete customer may need to supply concrete anchors), Recommendation is to mount door ½" off floor.
  • Two carrier assemblies for each track (for a total of four) which include hanger plate; axle; spacers to adjust depth of wheel; single ball bearing, glass filled nylon wheel.
  • Four mounting bolts for each pair of carrier assemblies corresponding to your thickness of door; washers and acorn nuts.
  • All components described above are for mounting two door slabs with one on each of the two tracks supplied.
  • Unfinished color comes with zinc fasteners and black comes with black fasteners.
  • Two plywood spacer blocks for mounting hanger correctly on door slab and drilling mounting bolt holes.
  • Not included - Installation, door slab, handle, privacy lock, or tools.
  • No anti-jump blocks are necessary because of the special channel design of track and installation method with setup blocks.

  • Two color choices standard: raw unfinished steel along with textured powder coat black. Please note that these pictures are of the actual product but the color may look different in person than on this screen. Also note that we make no representation that our color name matches any other manufacturer's color. All floor guides are black nylon.
  • Custom colors can be requested but is usually cost prohibitive for only doing a few tracks at a time.
  • We also only offer lengths shown here; we do not custom cut to any other lengths. Note installation instructions for options you can do to create other lengths such as easily cut the track shorter, move the stop holes at the end of the track, or locate the hangers on the door slab at a different spacing from the edge of the door than our default recommended distance.
  • Call to discuss options for making brackets to mount to ceiling rather than to wall for extra low clearance design!

  • RLP warrants this hardware is free of defects and is guaranteed for ten years if installed properly.
  • Customer misusing hardware or not following installation directions voids warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear especially on finish.
  • All products sold by RLP are non-refundable and non-returnable.