Size: 3 1/4", 5", and 7" wide (mixed combination of all three widths)

Skip sanded face with some old original patina, weathering, circle sawn and aged texture remaining.  Greatest variety of colors and textures possible in a mixed floor yet as accurate of tolerances as possible in a solid wood floor. 

Very similar color combination as our kitchen sink engineered wood floor.  The main differences are this solid wood floor does not have holes prefilled and tolerances for thickness are not as flat and accurate as the engineered product.  There will also be slightly more character, bigger holes, checking, and more allowed defects in the solid wood vs. engineered products.

Full solid 3/4" thickness with 1/4" tongue and groove edges.  Square cut ends and defected to random lengths of 12" - 12' with very large variety of pieces; goal is to maintain as long of lengths as possible when defecting.

All solid wood, fully recycled content, all sourced from old buildings and previously used sources.  Multiple ages, different species, and different sources lend diverse personality and blend of character in this floor. All kiln dried lumber.

This floor is all made to custom order.  Any size order can be quoted.  Base pricing is $1000 per order plus $11.95 per square foot plus shipping.

$18.00 CAD