Highest quality textured reclaimed engineered hardwood flooring. Random width blend 4, 5, 7" and 18 mm height (approximately 3/4") with 6mm wear layer- Priced below by the square foot of material shipped! Usually available with short lead times, but call before ordering to check current inventory on this item.

Promotional discount automatically applied--- Order over 1000 square feet of this product in one order and you save 5%.

$26.00 CAD

  • Proudly made in the USA. We craft this material out of mixed hardwoods (oak, maple, cherry, elm, ash, hickory, exotics, chestnut, walnut - very diverse blend).
  • The beauty of a reclaimed wood floor without the problems of gaps, high waste, uneven boards, high installation costs, or movement.
  • This floor has the best characteristics and quality features of both a solid hardwood and engineered flooring.
  • This floor does not have the traditional disadvantages of laminate floors such as cheap backing material, thin wear layer, nonrepairable prefinish, micro bevel edge, thin tongues, cheap appearance, but rather it is meant to last many lifetimes.
  • Our engineered reclaimed wide plank floor is extremely stable no cupping, twisting, or shrinking.
  • Can be installed directly over cured concrete (use an all in one vapor barrier and mastic adhesive), below grade, and over radiant heat. Can be glued down or glued and nailed down.
  • Vary rare to have an engineered authentic reclaimed wood floor offered with original patina and texture. This is not a faux distress. The skip sanded face still has old circle sawn marks, antique patina, and weathering.
  • Each batch is a one of a kind blend of many different types of woods; every floor has its own unique personality.
  • Edges profiled with flooring tongue and groove.
  • Presanded to eliminate heavy sanding after install and to give accurate height calibration for consistent, smooth, flat floor. Knot and nail holes prefilled and sanded flush.
  • Readily accepts stain and finish so you can customize to your preferences.

  • Overall thickness is 18 mm (just slightly less than 3/4")
  • Wear layer thickness is 6 mm.
  • Base layer is 12 mm 9 ply exterior grade CP/CP birch ply FSC Pure. Meets CARB 2.
  • Each piece may contain end joints in intervals in the wear layer over continuous backer but faces are one board with full width. Backer lengths may be any length with common sizes around 5'. Wear layer lengths may be down to 1' long with random lengths normal. Longer lengths are an option.
  • Random width blend in 4, 5, 7" combination of widths.
  • Not grooved on back side & no end match.
  • All cracks, holes, and knots filled prior to final sand.
  • Wear layer is made from any species of reclaimed hardwoods with skip sanded texture. Skip sand texture does a hit and miss with leaving some original, old patina and exposing some new fresh wood.
  • Has no stain or finish.
  • Edge has no microbevel.
  • Special disclaimer- this product is particularly varied in appearance. It will differ from samples, pictures, and from batch to batch.
  • Please note that this product may not always be in stock for immediate delivery. Average lead time is one month, but customer should always confirm lead time and delivery date prior to placing order for all flooring products.

  • Quantity of material in total square feet that you order made according to specifications in this listing; there are not necessarily equal or specific quantities in linear or square foot terms for each width. Customer should include extra in their total to cover a waste factor. Smaller and more complicated jobs have a higher waste factor.
  • Satisfaction of knowing you have the ultimate reclaimed wood floor that is probably not like anybody else's in the world!
  • See our low shipping rates after you add to cart.
  • Not included: Installation, finish material, nails, glue, nosing, or tools. 

  • We sell a number of other paneling and flooring options in both solid wood and engineered, various thicknesses and widths, different wood species, along with choice of textures and colors. Changing specifications will change the price.

  • See our warranty.
  • All products sold by RLP are nonrefundable and nonreturnable since most are made to order.