Size: 8.25" & 10.5" wide

Fully sanded with some old original patina remaining engineered wood flooring.

7mm wear layer over exterior grade 12mm birch ply backer; overall thickness at 3/4".

True reclaimed authentic wood flooring with all the advantages or the real thing plus the stability and performance of wide plank engineered flooring.

This batch of flooring was left over from a custom order, and this clearance price on this product is a total of $5340 for all 445 square feet which works out to $12 per square foot.  If customer takes less than the full amount price per square foot will be higher.  If customer needs more than this amount which we have on hand for immediate sale custom pricing can be quoted depending on quantity needed. Price is based on payment by check; credit card adds 3%.

$17.00 CAD