Barn Door Hardware - RLP V-Track Rectangular Hanger

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  • Unique proprietary design by RLP!
  • Low profile, limited clearance applications.
  • Custom designed by RLP meant to function better and install easier than most flat track.
  • A complete new and different aproach for design in barn door hardware.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Channel shape of barn door track adds extra strength and rigidity which allows track to span greater distances.
  • Wheel spacing from hanger is adjustable.
  • Unique design for hidden quiet stop at end of track- no metal on metal clang!
  • Better for remodel installations where one needs to drill into studs rather than a solid header for attaching track to wall. It can span up to 24″ between attachment points within length of track (5 lag screws minimum, though, per door).
  • Ideal for low clearance applications. Complete track and wheel will fit in only 3″ of clearance over top of door slab.  This low profile barn door door hardware works great in applications where you have limited room between the top of door and ceiling and other limited headroom applications for sliding track.
  • More secure to keep wheel in track and less risk of it jumping out.
  • Can be order with or without mounting holes predrilled in track so you can match the track to the mounting points available on the wall.
  • Complete kit for track includes all hardware you need to mount your door.  You do not need to purchase any extra lags or other fasteners.
  • Colored kits are coated with matte textured, industrial, baked on powder coat- not spray painted like many other brands.
  • Extremely heavy duty design can support heavier than normal doors if installed with proper backing in wall and track properly attached with supplied lag screws to wall.  Unique formed shape of track, extra thick steel, and double ball bearing wheels support sliding door slabs easily.
  • Save money by combining this track kit with a one of our barn door slabs for an additional $85 discount.