Advantages to Made in America

Advantages to Made in America

Titus Gilliam

What makes Reclaimed Lumber Products (RLP) special?  When the customer contacts us the person answering the phone or email will know price, detailed product specifications, application tips, availability, lead time, value engineering suggestions, and other intimate information that comes from years of experience and actually working with the product we sell.  So often with other companies they are just reselling somebody else's product.  RLP is vertically integrated where we are in charge of the full life cycle of the product's manufacturing from start to finish.  We don't buy widgets and resell them.  Instead we find the old salvaged lumber at the source; bring it into our yard; then clean, dry, and process the reclaimed wood into beautiful finished millwork.  When you call us you are talking to the real people who make the decisions, design and build the product.  You are not dealing with layers of corporate management and sales staff that are limited in their job description where they were hired to be smooth talking sales people but never actually pulled a nail out of a timber or setup the tooling on a shaper to build that mortise and tenon joint for your custom architectural door.  We have the knowledge to give you appropriate and timely advice for your project.   Our answers will be honest, forthcoming and insightful. 

By dealing directly with the manufacturer you get to skip the middleman.  That means that you get faster service and no run around.  Your pricing is the lowest possible because your product ships directly from the shop where it is made.  If you ever need support or warranty help, nobody else will know our own product better than the people who made it.  Alternatively, consider this when you buy prefinished hardwood flooring made in China; do you really think that big box vendor is going to have that same lot number that will actually match in color and size when your dishwasher leaks and you have to replace some of the floor?  That import flooring is going to curl up like a pile of ribbons.  Instead our floor has a site applied finish that can be refinished.  Also the extra thick wear layer with exterior grade plywood backer on our engineered hardwood flooring is second to none.  It is much less likely to be damaged.  If it is damaged you can repair it.  In worst case scenarios RLP is still around here made in America where you can call them up and get matching material made to the same specifications sent directly to you.  Take comfort in knowing where your floor was manufactured.

When you buy from RLP you are buying from the inventor of that product.  Recently there are a number of new companies jumping on the bandwagon.  For example look at our specifications sheet for our barnwood paneling.  We were the first to market nationally the solid wood thin reclaimed wall paneling.  Now dozens of companies are trying to offer blends similar to what we have had on our website for years.  Take the time to look into the specifications on our barn door track hardware.  We didn't invent the wheel, but we revolutionized the way it rolls.  We designed the shape and own the molds for all the nylon wheels in our barn door track systems.  The high strength glass filled nylon wheels are injection molded right here in Idaho.  The ball bearings that they are formed over will handle more weight than you will ever reach with a barn door.

Current political events are tough to ignore since with our small business that appreciates the support from our customers.  The two biggest costs in our barn door track is shipping and metal.  There are plenty of substitutes and competition to buy from.  Be sure to compare features and quality.  Nobody else offers the same design that we have in our low profile track kit; as barn door track hardware goes it takes up the least amount of space over the sliding door.  Compare size of the steel on the track; for example our flat track is almost twice as heavy as most cheaper versions.  Our lag screws that attach the track to the wall have a much higher sheer rating for strength than the normal cheap lags.  Currently our metal costs alone are more than what a number of the lightweight import track kits sell for.

If you live outside of Idaho, there is a good chance that you are not familiar with our little state.  The whole population of our state is less than a number of large cities, but we like it that way.  We have the largest wilderness area in the lower 48.  We are located in the northwest.  Even though we don't have a seacoast, we do have the farthest inland seaport from the Pacific Ocean.  We also boarder Canada on our North.  Even though we are remote up here in the Northwest, we ship nationwide from our online store for free.  You can get a sense for our rugged individuality by looking at our products.  Our best seller in the Idaho Barnwood Blend Wall Paneling.  Folks on the East Coast buy more of it than our local customers.  The novelty of it probably adds charm.

By supporting RLP you are supporting local real families.  Made in America strikes home with us.  When you purchase from RLP you will know that those dollars are reinvested back in Idaho and the US.  RLP is a proud member of the Buy Idaho program. 

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