Designing with Reclaimed Materials in a Restaurant

Designing with Reclaimed Materials in a Restaurant

Titus Gilliam

Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria embodies a special sense of uniqueness, adventure, quality, and culture in both their food they serve and their establishment.  Reclaimed Lumber Products (RLP) first got the chance to work with the owners Rob and Lisa Lumsden, when they opened a new location in Salt Lake City at the Sugar House.  The Lumsden’s enthusiasm is contagious, and their personality spills over into their restaurants.  RLP provided to the SLC location tables and the solid reclaimed wood wall paneling.

Flatbread’s newest location commands a beautiful corner view from Boise’s 8th & Main Tower. This new landmark hopefully indicates a turnaround and optimism in the economy, because it sat as cavernous, vacant hole in the ground for a number years with rusty rebar poking into the air like charred trees after a forest fire.  New developers came in to add new life to the project.

Flatbread prefers to collaborate with local vendors, but RLP had no idea initially what a dominant presence our products would be in this new space.  A ghost mural’s paint subtly drifts over an accent wall made from the Idaho Barnwood Blend Paneling. This same mix of skip sanded various colors of reclaimed pine and fir pops up in the trim, moldings, cabinetry, and drink ledges; even the tables made at 1 5/8” thick with steel accents are made from this material. A ceiling treatment solidifies an old industrial look made with baffles from corral boards sourced locally. Even the booth screens are reclaimed fir.

To bad RLP can't take credit for the great food and service at Flatbread.