Low Profile Barn Door Hardware & Flat Track Sliding Door Kits

Low Profile Barn Door Hardware & Flat Track Sliding Door Kits

Titus Gilliam

Did we reinvent the wheel? Well we tried to make it better!

Reclaimed Lumber Products manufactures lots of beautiful sliding barn doors. We saw a situation develop where customers needed one stop shopping where they could buy a complete barn door package with the door and track hardware included. After testing other manufacturer's track hardware we identified a number of problems in their design, options and service. Through this product testing and evolution our goal was to come up with track hardware kits that had lots of flexibility, high quality components, yet simple and functional. By starting from scratch we were not locked into using existing designs. A lot rides on the wheel! We make our own wheels for two different tracks. This allows us to have tighter tolerances, a more compact design, higher load ratings, and smoother ride. A lot of this is attributed to the double ball bearings that we use rather than a plain bore like a number of other manufacturers.

Our own original design that we invented was what we call the Heavy Duty V Track. The wheel rolls in a 3/16" thick steel channel that mirrors the shape of the wheel. This channel hugs the wheel which keeps it running straight, makes the door hang plumb, and is more secure because the wheel cannot jump off the track. The bends in the track inherently make it much stronger and rigid to span across greater distance supporting more weight. The reason we invented this track was that we kept getting requests for applications where they had low clearance limitations over the top of their barn door.  Our RLP V track works great in a situation where you need low profile hardware which takes up less room; our track kits only require a short minimum top clearance of 3" distance from the top of door to the nearest obstruction such as low ceilings. The whole wheel and track can run in this slim area. Other advantages of the V track barn door hardware kits are faster installs, adjustable hanger and wheel assemblies, color choices, hanger bracket choices, hidden stop securely keeps wheel from rolling out end of track, precision cut metal parts with a laser, precision bends made with CNC press brake, and complete kits with all necessary components for installation.

The alternatively design is the more traditional flat track that one sees represented in a number of different places. This basic design is a time proven method for sliding doors. What makes ours different than others is the ball bearing, grooved wheels on adjustable axles, less of a distance between top of door and top of carrier, adjustable stand-off spacers for the track to allowing flexibility along crooked walls and to adjust clearance in various application behind door, heavier flat bar for track, options for predrilled track and different length mounting bolts, simple setup with no measuring to mount hangers securely to door, in stock long length one piece track kits for oversized doors, and a number of other thoughtful design twists to make installation better.

All hardware found here in our online store ships free and is in stock. You can also add to your barn door track a matching color low profile sliding door handle or privacy lock for stopping barn doors on bathrooms and offices from sliding.

When you combine any of our barn door track hardware kits with our reclaimed wood barn door slab you get an $85 discount off the track hardware.

Besides all this, it is made in the USA.

New update to this article- in 2018 RLP introduced an even smaller low profile track kit.  Our Mini V Track for barn doors takes less than 2" of room over the top of the sliding door.  This is the best solution for installations with low ceilings.  Our custom designed proprietary ball bearing wheel is only 1 1/2" in diameter, and the whole track from top of door to top of wheel fits in 1.75" of room.  The channel created by a CNC press break to form the track is extra strong for its minimal size.